These handsome gents seem to be inaugurating a spanking new life boat at Singing Beach. The "Marine Enterprise, Manchester Mass." jeep makes it all really official.  And if the woman in the background's bathing suit is any indication, we're thinking this was taken in the late 1950s or early 60s. Recognize anyone? We'd love to hear from you! 

That Was Then

Know who the people in the photos above might be? The first to click the button below with the correct answer wins a highly sought-after Cricket hat and our undying gratitude as we build out our community photo archive in celebration of Town Of Manchester’s 375th Anniversary next year. Answers will be published to this page.

Previous 'That Was Then' Photos Identified

Find the answers to who was in previous "That was Then" photos below.

Who’s that youngster flying through the air with gusto in what surely must have been a record-breaking standing broad jump? Sally Huss and her son wrote in to guess that our intrepid flyer was named Adam Schultz. "We think the boy second from the right is Andrew Ryding and the man at lower right looks like the late Charles Ramsey." This roll of film was part of a role captured from the Presidential Fitness Award conducted each year in the Memorial School gymnasium. The national program was instituted by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966 to gauge youth fitness with a battery of exercise tests involving sit ups, the flexed arm hang, something called “the shuttle run”, and, as we see here, the broad jump.  The program was phased out in 2012.  Our estimate is this was taken in the late 1970s or early 1980s, in the gym.

Many readers contacted us to successfully identify these two men, Charlie Lane and his father, Fred Lane, both former Town Treasurers.  The best answer came from Sue Henderson who wrote in, “Charlie Lane Jr. is the seated mustachioed fellow and his father, Fred Land is standing.  Both are related to Parks & Rec’s Andy “Bono” Lane, as well as centenarian, Randall Lane of Essex!” Well done Sue!

Put on your thinking caps, because answering our “Who’s That?” challenge builds our community photo archive. When they say, “a good time was had by all”, this is the type of relaxed affair “they” were talking about. It is clearly a male-only affair, so we’ve narrowed this down to the appropriate candidates.  Could it a Masonic monthly meeting? Dinner at The Manchester Club? A Boy Scout award night? We tried looking at the darned program in front of the man on the left, but alas, we can’t make it out, other than it seems camp or sail-related. But the sea of blazers and tweed, coupled with the hairstyles lead us to place this photo in the mid 1980s.  (So do the plastic Solo coffee sleeves. Remember those?)