Olive Brand Mahri

Well into the new season, it’s now less “out and about,” and more “in and around.”  Life at home. Entertaining.  The holidays. Winter. Coziness. All that.

This marks our first foray “Home”, with two special sections before Thanksgiving with a local take on home life and food. We focused the section on the things that make our lives inside a little nicer, a little more enjoyable.  

We went “all local,” searching for treasures all around us.  Kris McGinn-Straub wrote a wonderful article on the artistry at the Bubble Factory on Choate Street in Essex.  We ask local home design experts how they view the seasonal design reset and share some advice from them on what’s practical, what can have great impact and make a familiar environment a little more exciting.  Then, we have a great round-up of products — small and special items, like the “Olive Branch” metal olive oil dispenser above from Mahri here in Manchester  — that are available from our local shopkeepers, who allow us to stay right here, close to home.  

We hope you’ll find some surprises for the holidays. Enjoy.