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The Manchester Garden Club adheres to a “more is more” mentality when it comes to celebrating the holiday season as was evident at this week’s Annual Holiday Workshop held at Chapman’s Greenhouse in Beverly Farms.  Like many gardening groups, the MGC has made their December meeting an opportunity to gather in fellowship while creating one-of-a-kind decorations.  

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Being taught something is much better than being told something. My old shop teacher was the best at this. Bill Burroughs was an engineer who left the business world to teach young kids. He told me he wanted to do something that made a difference in the world.

There’s no denying it now — the holidays are right around the corner! Get in the spirit across Cape Ann this weekend with Christmas by the Sea, the Essex Holiday Festival and Merry Magnolia.

Wild turkeys — beloved Thanksgiving animals or traffic-blocking nuisances? For Jim Behnke, Manchester resident, Manchester Essex Conservation Trust volunteer and avid birder, the answer hasn’t always been so black and white.

In one of the more highly anticipated openings, The Mooring on Central Street held a “soft open” for friends and family, giving them a peek into Manchester’s newest bar and restaurant in the spot formerly (r.i.p.) inhabited by Superfine and, for decades before that, The Coffee Cup. 

Amy Kellet and Robert Booth were the featured speakers last week at the Manchester Historical Museum’s lecture, “Manchester’s Historic Homes.”  Booth, a Salem-based historian and Kellet, an architecture specialist who trained at the highly-respected North Bennett Street School on historic fu…

The 2019 Holiday Pops concert is filled with a joyful program of music from Anderson, Bach, Herbert, Tchaikovsky and many others, is led by CAS Conductor and Music Director Yoichi Udagawa, and features the return of the Cape Ann Symphony Chorus, the IHS and MERHS choruses and the CAS debut of cellist Jake Copp, the winner of the first annual Cape Ann Symphony Young Musicians Competition. 

In one of the town’s more highly anticipated openings, The Mooring on Central Street held a “soft open” for friends and family, giving a peek into Manchester’s newest bar and restaurant in the space formerly (and briefly) inhabited by Superfine and, for decades before that, The Coffee Cup. T…

Manchester’s Karen Swanson has focused her professional career designing the one room that is now the undisputed center of the American home — the kitchen.  Earlier this month she was named “Best Kitchen Designer” in Boston Magazine’s 2020 Best of Boston Home.  In this Q&A, Swanson shares her nonlinear journey to kitchen design, her advice for home projects and describes the rewarding process of working through challenging designs.

The holidays are coming, starting with Thanksgiving next week — now’s the time to gather with friends, family and guests. For these occasions, appetizers are just the thing.  We asked Brenda King, who has a reputation of being a stellar home cook, to share some of her favorite tiny bites.  Here they are, from super spicy comfort appetizers to rich and easy-to-make finger foods.

Lasagna or any simple inexpensive pasta dish with a cheap jug of wine was appreciated by this mostly Midwestern group, who found any toe dipped into the world of Italian to be quite exotic.  Even so, I felt there was a great deal of pressure to think about hosting Thanksgiving.  

It’s apple picking season, all right.  Apple cider, baked apples, apple pie, caramel apples, apples in turkey stuffing, apple sauce, apple butter.  Hmm, apple butter?  Yes, apple butter. 

There is a relatively new meal that has scampered into the pantheon of the highly anticipated Manchester Club meals, and that is Ken Davis’ Portuguese Pot Roast, a fork-tender beef roast with an exotically spiced sauce that is best sopped up with the Portuguese sweet bread served with the dish. 

Messy Art Night never disappoints. This Friday night was no exception. The annual event at Essex Elementary is always packed with kids and adults who have come to know that this is a seriously fun event. Sculpture, drawing, print making, jewelry making, and more were there for kids to roll u…

The Manchester-based Cystic Dreams Fund will host Songs and Stories for Cystic Fibrosis with two-time Grammy Award winner, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Denny Laine, founding member of both The Moody Blues and Wings on November 30 at The Regent Theatre in Arlington at 8 p.m. 

Everything is hot.  The space is hot.  The furnaces are hot.  All of the stuff I am trying not to bump into is hot.   But James McLeod is cool.  Methodically moving from gathering molten glass at the furnace, to rolling it on the marver, to making a quick puff into the pipe to produce the sm…

The eagerly awaited Night of Stars Talent Show hosted by the Spaulding Education Fund (SEF) went off perfectly this past weekend at the Manchester Essex Regional High School. A large audience was entertained by the masters of ceremonies, Breno Santos and Chris Siems, and the approximately 70…

On Friday night at the Manchester Community Center, the Manchester-by-the-Sea Sustainability Committee hosted the Executive Director of MASSPIRG, Janet Domenitz, who presented a discussion with slides on a MASSPIRG initiative called “The Campaign for Zero Waste.” She explained in detail Mass…

Well into the new season, it’s now less “out and about,” and more “in and around.”  Life at home. Entertaining.  The holidays. Winter. Coziness. All that.

This marks our first foray “Home”, with two special sections before Thanksgiving with a local take on home life and food. We focused the section on the things that make our lives inside a little nicer, a little more enjoyable. 

Evelijn Rijke, owner of Cargo Unlimited in Manchester advises that using a proper design professional so it’s done right, even if it's a day-rate basis, which she says is an easier and less intimidating way to work with a designer. 

Stacey Clarimundo is an interior designer who in 2018 opened her studio-slash-store in Essex.  We met her when asking local home design experts how they view the seasonal design reset and share some advice from them on what’s practical, what can have great impact and make a familiar environment a little more exciting.

I had driven by the lovely sign outside of John D. Cushing Antique Restoration dozens of times before I finally had the happy luck of breaking an antique chair, giving me an excuse to visit the intriguing space on Martin Street in Essex. Just as I had suspected, it was magical.

On Wednesday, October 23, Su Mittermair of the Manchester Garden Club visited Manchester Memorial school to share a special book and mission with our kindergarten students.  Her visit included a quick lesson about the growing cycle of daffodil flowers and a reading of the inspirational Miss …