To the Editor:

After the recent planning and re-planning of the tree design for the new Common, I find it more than appropriate to revisit the Veteran’s Memorial location as well.

I can hear the groans! This tortured project has been inching along for close to ten years, and its sponsors deserve great credit for keeping this important concept viable. And, at the same time, its proposed location has always been controversial, now even more so. 

Once again, the outsized, ambitious design of the Memorial finds itself competing for space, hemmed in by trees, and adding an architectural element not in keeping with the streamlined function of the new Common. Furthermore, as the intent is for the design of the Memorial to evolve over time, it courts the risk of remaining both unfinished and inadequate over the years to come; an eyesore. 

We can do better! We can provide the Veteran's Memorial better visibility, accessibility, and room to grow in Masconomo Park. It can join our treasured WWI Doughboy, so oft surrounded by ice cream lovers on a stroll. And, what could be better than 'Music at Masconomo' featuring the Army Band playing to a large crowd in view of the Memorial? There is more space, more parking, and more opportunity for it to be an educational setting for our children.

I write this as an invitation to provide feedback on this option to Town Planner, Sue Brown or Town Manager, Greg Federspiel. 

Thank you!

Sheila Hill, Manchester