To the Editor,

The Board of the Friends of the Manchester Library would like to thank the community and visitors who supported our book sale this past weekend. You came, and browsed, and bought!  This is our annual primary fundraiser. These funds go directly towards supporting continuing library programs, museum passes and special projects. For example, special projects this past year included partnering with The Cricket to fund digitizing the library’s entire microfiche collection of The Cricket. We also purchased a new puzzle table, refinished the reading table, replaced chairs in the reference room, and added new furniture in the new Teen Area.

Most especially, we thank the FOL board members, community volunteers and middle and high school students who worked tirelessly to help set up the sale, support it, and then clean up.  Without their efforts this sale could not have happened.

Through everyone’s efforts, we are pleased with the success of this year’s Friends of the Manchester Library Book Sale.

Liz Loomis

FOL Volunteer Coordinator for the Annual Book Sale, Manchester