Dear Editor,

At the 2016 Annual Town Meeting, Manchester’s voters approved the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, the purpose of which is to provide affordable housing in the Town for the benefit of low and moderate-income households. To implement this measure, the meeting also approved adding Article XXI as an amendment to the Town’s General By-laws.  Pursuant to this by-law, the trust is governed by a board of seven trustees, five of whom are appointed by the selectmen and two by the moderator.  

Due to a recent resignation, there is a vacancy in one of the moderator’s appointments.  Under the terms of the by-law, this vacancy will be filled by a joint meeting of the moderator and the remaining Trustees of the Affordable Housing Trust.  

John Feuerbach, Chair of the Trustees, and I invite citizens to apply for this appointment.  Trustees must be residents of the Town, and those with backgrounds in real estate development and management, real estate finance, or commercial lending would be especially valuable additions to the board.  The appointee will serve for an unexpired term ending on June 30, 2020, with the possibility of reappointment by the moderator.

Citizens with an interest in serving should write a letter addressed to me at 5 Spy Rock Hill and to John at 5 Harold Street, or send an email to and to The letter should  include an explanation of interest and a statement of qualifications. We ask that candidates write to us no later than September 15.  John and I plan to meet with candidates before the end of September. With the other Trustees, we hope to complete the process in October.  If candidates have questions, they are welcome to email or call me at 526-4229. 


Sincerely yours,

Alan Wilson, Town Moderator