To the Editor:

On Friday, Janet Domenitz, executive director of MassPIRG, gave a talk in the Manchester Community Center about sustainability issues. She described how her organization is working to encourage the Massachusetts legislature to finalize a ban on single-use plastics. This was followed by a showing of the movie “Bag It,” about the dire consequences of our addiction to plastic and worldwide efforts to ban single-use plastic.

On Saturday, a Sustainability Fair was held in the Community Center, attended by over 130 people from surrounding towns. 15 vendors and local organizations participated, all with the theme of encouraging people to use less, and to learn how to recycle and repair existing materials. The Manchester DPW presented information on recycling, and what can and cannot be recycled. Fair goers were encouraged to suggest ways Manchester can be more sustainable.

Many thanks to the Sustainability Committee, who worked tirelessly to organize these events, and to the participants who gave up their day to further the goal of using less and helping our town to be more sustainable.

Alison Anholt-White

Chair, Sustainability Committee