To the Editor:

The Manchester Woman's Club would like to thank all the volunteers and organizations who have contributed their time and effort towards making the Friendship Tree Lighting Program on December 8 a wonderful success this year. Our thanks go to Reverend Marlayna Schmidt, Donald Dunn (organist), Bethany Woods (sexton), and George Nickless (custodian) of the First Parish Church Congregational; also to Katerina Gates for the altar display, to Barry Ramos, Dallas Raleigh, and Bonnie Benincasa for moving chairs, and to our ushers: Sonne Bialy, Patricia Fenton, Donna Johnson, Katherine Keith, Carol McKenna, Fay Noonan, Gillian Palumbo, and Shirley Preston. 

We also wish to thank Joe Janack and the MERHS Band, Fiona Dooley and the Memorial Elementary School Chorus, and Donna O'Neill and the MERHS Chorus and SoundWaves and all their students who performed for us. 

Further thanks go to Jack Ingram of Bartlett Tree Service for installing the lights and to Dan Houde of Manchester Electric for wiring them up. Audrey Howland and Felix Raleigh had the honor this year of flipping the switch to turn them on. 

Our thanks go to Todd Crane and the Masons who provided the hot chocolate and to Anne Gilson and Jane Hoysradt who brought Mrs. Claus and her helper (and the candy canes!) to the event, also to the Manchester DPW and Chuck Dam for putting out trash barrels. 

We wish to thank the Club members who chaired the various committees that produced this event: Dyane Cotreau handled the Buy-a-Bulb campaign; Pat Fenton managed Business Community Donations and the Tree Lighting itself; Joanne Donnelly produced the hot chocolate service; Valerie McAskill led the decoration of the fountain on the Green. All of these committee heads led a host of workers who made this event happen. 

And finally, our thanks go to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce for organizing Christmas-by-the-Sea, and to the Cricket Press for its continuing support of community events like ours.

Thank you all.

Pam Spencer 

Festive Program Chair