Each year at this time, we republish snippets of the year’s events that have made their way onto the pages of our weekly newspaper. The “Year in Review,” printed in two consecutive editions, will provide you, our readers, a momentary slowing of time to reflect on the year 2019 before answering the insistent call of 2020.

This newspaper plays an important role in community life. It neither offers hard news of larger metropolitan papers nor the ephemera of social media postings. Instead, The Cricket has for nearly 132 years provided a weekly look at developments of interest in our own back yard, celebrating the activities of a community, its town operations and its citizens. There have been wonderful events and milestones celebrated this year, from winning state championships to breaking ground on a new elementary school, exploring opportunities for shared municipal services, and installing new leaders into important town positions. Together, we live and share our lives.

We will continue to try to make this paper — in everything we do, on the page or off — a little better every week. That is the goal. And as always, we thank our readers and contributors for making our newspaper engaging and vital and our advertisers for their continued support.