* As of 10/3/19. All dates are subject to cancellation and/or postponement.

Date                                                    Activity

January 12, 2020                                Christmas Tree Bonfire at the Manchester Athletic Club

February 9, 2020                                Family Fun Event at the Legion Hall

February 18, 2020                              Story Telling Workshop, Your Family and MBTS — Library

February 20, 2020                              MHM 375th Lecture, Native Americans on Cape Ann

February 22,2020                               Celebrating and Sharing Our Stories — Library

March 7, 2020                                    Gala Event, Cocktails / Silent Auction at the Essex County Club

March 19, 2020                                  MHM 375th Lecture: Manchester 101

April 21, 22, 23, 24                              Manchester Film Festival — Library/Community Center

April 16, 2020                                     MHM 375th Lecture: Slavery on Cape Ann

May 21, 2020                                      High Tea at Sharksmouth Estate

May 21, 2020                                      MHM 375th Lecture: Manchester Maritime

June 18, 2020                                      Town Birthday Party/Panoramic Photo/Concert at Masconomo Park

June 26, 2020                                      Manchester Film Festival at Masconomo Park

June 27, 2020                                      Red, White and Blue Breakfast at Tuck’s Point (Rotary)

July 3, 2020                                         Concert and Fireworks Display at Singing Beach (July 4 Committee)

July 4, 2020                                         Fourth of July Parade (July 4 Committee)

July 25, 2020                                       Waterfront Day at Tuck’s Point and Manchester Yacht Club

August 1, 2020                                    Festival by the Sea — Chamber of Commerce

September 12, 2020                           Family/Youth Day Activity

September 17, 2020                           MHM 375th Lecture: Manchester’s Notable Citizens and Places

October 15, 2020                                MHM 375th Lecture: Gilded Age

October 18, 2020                                MECT Nature Walk to Historic Sites

November 15, 2020                            Manchester’s Meeting Houses — Live Performance

November 19, 2020                            MHM 375th Lecture: WW I and WW II Home Front  

December 2020                                  Sip and Stroll in Downtown MBTS/Grand Finale Night

All MHM Lecture Series Events also available for Platinum Sponsorship Opportunity (seven lectures). Platinum sponsorships are available for the following activities: February Family Fun Event at Legion; March Gala Event at Essex County Club; May High Tea at Sharksmouth Estate; July Waterfront Day on the Harbor, and Manchester Historical Museum Lecture Series.